Immigration Reform

I support comprehensive immigration reform that would increase access to lawful immigration to the United States. While I believe that following proper procedures and entering through proper ports of entry is important, as are appropriate background checks to ensure that we are not admitting criminals or terrorists, the current system is too restrictive, unwisely limits legal immigration by arbitrary caps based on nation of origin, and by restrictive categories of eligibility

Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals

Individuals who were brought to the United States as children often have known no other home and do not even know the language of their native countries. It is important to assess each person’s situation with compassion and based on individual circumstances and merits. We must show appropriate compassion for the individual without creating incentives for future/continued human smuggling or other violations of the formal immigration process.

Reproductive Choice

I believe that decisions about a woman’s health care, including reproductive decisions, are the sole choice of the individual woman without government interference. Women should make their own decisions about their care. In making these decisions, a woman might choose to seek the advice of her health care provider, her spiritual adviser or clergy member, her intimate partner or others of her choosing, but it is not for the government to direct or mandate her decisions.


I strongly support the 2nd Amendment of the Constitution as an individual right. I believe that we do need to address the problem of violence in America. However, the firearm is only one potential tool of that violence. I do not support any legislation that would put an additional burden on law-abiding gun owners. I do support improved means to limit access to firearms by those who have lost their rights, through due process, to own a firearm, and improved enforcement of existing laws.

Marijuana Policy

I support the federal de-scheduling of cannabis, and support comprehensive clinical research into its effective therapeutic uses. Additionally, I support the federal decriminalization of recreational marijuana. I support drug abuse prevention through education and treatment, and improved regulation to control purity and potency, as well as preventing public use, driving under the influence, sales to minors and other problematic issues with cannabis. Prohibition has not been effective and has resulted in a thriving criminal market for cannabis products.

Educational Equity

Our schools and our libraries should be the source of improved educational equity between individuals from different socio-economic backgrounds and across racial, ethnic, and gender lines. Policies are needed to improve funding, access to experienced, quality teachers, and availability of educational resources both in schools and libraries that service socio-economically disadvantaged communities.

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